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Jennifer - "Just wanted to touch base with you and let you know that the babies (Grandiosso (M) and Gracie (F) are doing just great........I had to leave on an emergency trip for a week.  I had two different people checking in on the cats and they LOVE those cats............she commented on how Grandi gets along with Wiley (a dachshund).  Those two chase and play and Grandi lets Wiley jump all over him - looks like he is massacring the cat but he really isn't.  Grandi just lays there - when he has had enough he just wriggles and slinks away................Whenever I try to separate them, Grandi just lays there and doesn't move to get away or anything, and sometimes he even purrs when they are playing, so I know all is okay in Grandi and Wiley land.  Gracie (F) is so neat as well...............They love to cuddle with me on my bed in the morning.  They are very affectionate cats.  Are all yours that way?

Tracy - One of the photos..........I've attached............is of Fan (short for Fandango, a male) "helping" me with the laundry.  Once it comes out of the dryer, he rides up in the basket, purring the whole time.  Of course, there are few things he does when interacting with the humans that doesn't involve purring.  My son calls him the purriest cat we've ever had. :o)  He's clearly very integrated into the household now.  He and our calico Sprite spend some time each morning playing rough and stampeding through the house.  They lay in wait or stalk each other - either way ends up with two cats wrestling on the floor.

Michali - Mist is one year old today!...................Thank you for letting me  have him.

Judith - So many good ones (photos).  When the pet shop lady saw Nessi (Ness Tziona - F) under the umbrella, she insisted I give her a copy to hang in the store.

Larry - Isn't he gorgeous................He is my "son".

Tracy - (after 2 days in his new home) He's really warming up to us and we've seen just why it is so hard to give him up!

R (a bachelor with a male and female kitten) Both kittens are eagerly hopping into my lap and seem to be pretty adjusted to living in S............Mr. White headbutts me all the time now, and is rather forward with his demands.  The little girl is just sooooooooo cute - I enjoy just watching her play.  I've noticed they've been crawling all over the high reaches of my apartment - these kids work really well as automatic dust sweeper by the way - their fur picks up everything.  All the better, less cleaing chores for me.  I'd imagine your place must be sparkling and dust free all the time!

Tracy - We've grown so attached to him in the month he's been here.  When he's playing, his clowning causes us to laugh and when he's snuggly, he's just the sweetest cat we've ever known...................Fandango is a great big sweetie.  I don't think we've ever had a cat purr as readily as he does!

Steve - Teddy is a feisty cat.  Feisty good. We  rassle, play hid'n seek under the covers and he loves to pop out from  grocery bags, under cloths and behind furniture if he thinks he can surprise me. He has a warm temperament and is friendly with almost everyone that comes to the house. He's a keeper for sure.................Well done!............He sure is a handsome boy and such a sweetheart.

Jennifer (June 2005) - (the continuing saga of Gracie (F, short for Grace Note) and Grandi (M, short for Grandiosso)
                               - Well, Gracie Little is out.  She has finally broken out of her shell and has let her personality shine.  She is FUNNY!  Did you know she is intensely private?  If I walk in on her "doing her business" or if she is just about to start she stops and just stares at me until I leave. She looks at me like "Uh ye-ah............helloooooo, don't you know knock before entering or see I am BUSY here.  She likes to have her quiet time in my dresser drawers. (She scares the crap out of me if I don't know which one she is in when I open one) and then she just cuddles and purrs.  She loves to knead me around the neck, head and shoulders and licks me a lot. Her and Grandie get in some good brawls and she will just whine and complain the whole time. I think she likes to sound helpless so I will come  rescue her..............she is not fooling anyone though. That girl can hold her own if she is forced to. She can be kind of sassy too (in a good way).   I call her Gracie Little Sassy Socks.
                                - Both of them  were wrestling on top of the entertainment center and Gracie almost fell off.  (As you said - it was  heartstopping).  She dangled there for a bit and the little flying babe that she is, made her way back up on top. Then it got funny because Grandi looked at her, and I am not kidding, took his right front paw, bopped her once across her head,  and walked away as if to say, "way to go dumb-a**, nice move".  Never a dull moment!
                                - Wiley (the dachshund) and the cats are getting on really good.  Gracie lets him pounce on her now and they chase each other around the house. Wiley does this butt/face butt/face dancing kind of thing to dodge their paws.  He is pretty quick so they get to practice their hand-eye movements as they try to "catch" him.